KPL Shudhi Coconut Oil

The brand KPL Sudhi is both the purity of tradition and the tradition of purity. Which has became a trusted global brand with constant evolution through latest technologies and rock solid business ethics which trace its roots to the modest beginning by Late Shri. K.P Lonappan with the establishment of his Rice & Coconut Oil Mill in the year 1943.

Ever since, KPL Shudhi coconut oil has been blending the goodness of nature with the excellence of old tradition.

Now, Filtered 4 times using best-of-breed technology, KPL Shudhi is synonymous with the pure coconut oil available in the market.

The people once experienced the difference vouch for the quality it stands for. And the good words from their mouth spread unstopped like the aroma of pure coconut oil, making KPL Sudhi Coconut oil as a first preference among the coconut oil brands.